Freelance Services

Just like Vanilla Ice, if you got a problem, yo I’ll solve it, if that problem is writing that is! Heres just some of the many things I do:

Things I write about: mental health,  literature, pop culture, ravel, fashion, reviews, entertainment, sex +dating,personal stories, humor, magic and spirituality,horoscopes,  fiction, feminism, and LGBTQ issues

Types of writing I do:

Creative Writing (all types)


Content Writing

Essay Writing


Press Releases


Features Writing

AP Style Journalist Writing



Price depends on the  project but my standard rate is .15 cents per word.

Other Serves I offer: 

Content editing: $8 per page

Tutoring: $20 per hour

Creative Writing Feedback/Critique:$15 per page

Citation (MLA, APA, Chicago): $5 per citation.

Genres I write in: Young Adult Fiction(fantasy, magical realism, romance), Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Humor, Playwrighting, Children’s Fiction, Memoir, Poetry. Creative non-fiction Essays, poems.

To discuss freelance services, please visit my contact page.