Ellen Ricks is a writer, essayist, poet, astrologer, and Hufflepuff, currently haunting the Adirondack Mountains.

Ellen is also a contributing writer at Horoscope.com and Astrology.com  where she writes articles, horoscopes, content, and guides. She is also a style writer at Byrdie.

Ellen regularly writes about fashion, astrology, pop culture, literature, numerology, lifestyles topics. She writes articles, essays, op-eds, reported features, guides, and horoscopes. As a life long storyteller, Ellen believes that good writing comes from being candid, vunerable and unafraid of exploring emotions, because that’s what truly connects us.

Ellen has a BFA in Creative Writing with a minor in Communications from SUNY Potsdam  and a A.A. in Creative Writing from SUNY Adirondack. Over the years, she has worked as a reading and writing tutor, ghostwriter, copywriter at a local newspaper, astrologer, and has been a full-time freelancer since 2016.

When not writing, Ellen enjoys consuming pumpkin spice everything and making terrible puns.

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