Best of 2019!

Hey loves! Happy holidays! Merry Whatever! I am currently freezing and trying to consume as much festive flavor coffee as much as possible. 2019 was the year of highs and lows and the more uncomfortable parts of being a writer is the requirment of shameless self-promotion. However I am very proud of what I achieved this year. My career has been doing really well and I’ve been able to write pieces that I’ve truly enjoy creating So welcome to my “Best of 2019” round up. In no particular order, here are my top 10 favorite pieces of 2019!

  • Teen Vogue- RIP to Forever 21, the Best and Worst Store of My Youth I’m still in awe that I got to write about not only my teen year FOR the magazine I spent most of my teen years reading, but also writing about fashion and my complex relationship with my favorite clothing store. I loved that people were about to relate to this piece, especially because I think this essay really captures me as a writer and a person. So if you read it and liked it, ily.
  • Bustle-Wintergirls’ by Laurie Halse Anderson Made My Eating Disorder Worse-And I’m Not The Only One This time last year I was writing this article and it was one of the first that was published this year, but it’s been a story I’ve been wanting to write for years. This was something I felt very passionately about and have seen the effects of this book hurt so many, including myself. I’m so grateful for my editor on this piece, to the women I’ve interviewed, and the people I’ve met because of this article. (Laurie Halse Anderson still refuses to comment)
  • HelloGiggles-How Tuca & Bertie Helped Me Process My Sexual Assault One of my favorite shows of 2019 was Tuca and Bertie (I’m still in mourning over it’s cancelation), and watching it helped me understand and process something that I never ever really talked about until then. Again my edior on this (Ranchel Sanoff is actually the best ever) was amazing and I was grateful for getting this piece on into the world. Also Lisa Hanawalt acknowledged my existance and that was probably my peak.
  • HelloGiggles-The Problem with Media’s History of Using Eating Disorders as Satire This article was born because a bunch of internet trolls were attacking an article I wrote last year. Instead of arguing with them and acknowledging their existance, I wrote an article and got paid.
  • Teen Vogue-How the Met’s Camp Exhibit Helped Me Accept My Queer Identity AKA: How I had an emotional breakdown at the Met. Enjoy!
  • HuffPost–I Have Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This Is How It Affects My Sex Life As someone who is a deeply private person (strange but true) who write personal essays for a living, this article was probably the most vunerable and public I’ve ever been. While that is both a good and bad thing, I’m still very proud of this piece. And this was one of my goal publications so that was awesome!
  • The Offing–The Distorted Reality of Eating Disorder Books This essay had a very long complex “birthing” story, but ended up being one of my favorite pieces ever at one of my personal favorite lit magazines. Rage, reading, and so much more.
  • Lit HubTo Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway Failed Scout Have you ever had something you’ve seen/watch bother you so much that you HAD to tell everyone you know, because it’s just eating you? That is how this piece came to life. Because To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite book, Jeff Daniels is one of my favorite actors, and To love Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing and The Newsroom so this was a thing. Also a goal publication!
  •–Poet-Witch Amanda Lovelace Talks Writing, Magic, and MoreI got to talk to one of my favorite writers about WITCHCRAFT! Enough said. Also Amanda Lovelace is a amazing, cool person and you should all read her books.
  • Astrology.comPracticing Witches Share Four Magic Movies That Get It Right This article was something I’ve been dreaming of writing for a long time, because it was something I’ve just been really curious about and I FINALLY got to do it and it was so fun! Everyone I talked to was so cool and magical!

So that wraps it up, loves! What are some cools things you read this year? Was there an article of mine that you enjoy? Let me know in the comments, or shoot me a message at the Contact page. I’m also always open to writing essays and other writing and editing work!

Until next year! Cheers!


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